DHPro Privacy Policy

DHPro, a division of Lairimar Corporation, is committed to maintaining the accuracy and confidentiality of your personal information while protecting your privacy. DHPro has adopted the following Ten Privacy Principles which, together with applicable legislation, govern our actions as they relate to the use of member and subscriber personal information.

Ten Privacy Principles

Principle 1 – Accountability

DHPro takes steps to maintain and protect personal information under its control, in accordance with applicable law. DHPro has designated a Chief Privacy Officer who is responsible within our organization for compliance with our privacy policy.

Principle 2 – Identifying Purposes

DHPro and those designated or contracted to act for or on our behalf, will identify the purposes for which personal information is collected at or before the time the information is collected. Information collected is used primarily to determine an individual’s entitlement to DHPro’s services. In addition, this information may be used to:

  • Understand our member and subscriber desires for products and services.
  • Develop, enhance or improve DHPro products and services.
  • Inform individuals about DHPro products and services that we believe may be of interest to them.
  • Enable individuals to customize the presentation of our services to better meet their needs including receptivity to third party promotions or release of insurance coverage information to regulatory bodies.

DHPro routinely collects anonymous, non-personal information through our Web servers. This information is not associated with or traced back to a specific individual. Gathered electronically, this information includes the type of Web browser used, the level of encryption a browser supports and the Internet Protocol (IP) address. This information may be used for research and analytical purposes, to examine how the Web site is being used and to determine how it can be improved.

DHPro also uses two types of cookies. Session cookies, which are temporarily stored in your computer’s memory, allow you to gain access to pages you requested prior to being signed in. Persistent cookies that are permanent lines of text that are saved on your computer store your encrypted user name and password so that you won’t have to type it in each time you access our site. A persistent cookie is only set if you click on “Remember my sign-in information.”

Principle 3 – Consent

DHPro will obtain your consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, except where otherwise required or permitted by law. By becoming a member or subscribing to our newsletter, individuals consent to the collection and use of their personal information for the purposes identified in this Privacy Policy. DHPro will not require you to consent to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information beyond that required to provide our products or services to you. If you wish to withdraw your consent or to opt out of the uses or disclosures of your information for the purposes identified in this Privacy Policy, you may do so by contacting our Chief Privacy Officer. If your request requires that we delete your registration information, we will no longer be able to provide you with the services or products for which you have subscribed or purchased. Cancellation will be subject to the terms and conditions of the subscription or services provided, as applicable.

Principle 4 – Limiting Collection

DHPro will ensure that the collection of personal information will be limited to that which is necessary for the purposes identified by the company in this privacy policy. Information will be collected by fair and lawful means. DHPro sometimes uses the services of external firms to assist us in communicating with or as a means of providing more effective and efficient services to our members and subscribers. Our external suppliers are contractually obligated to keep the information confidential, to use the information only for the purpose requested and to destroy the information when it is no longer required. Member and subscriber information is shared with external service providers only to the extent required for the provision of services. DHPro, only with the consent of its individual members and subscribers, does rent mailing information for single time use to third parties who have services or products of interest to our members and subscribers. DHPro does not rent email addresses or phone numbers to third parties.

Principle 5 – Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

DHPro will use or disclose your personal information for the purposes for which it was collected, except with your consent or as required or permitted by law. DHPro will retain your personal information as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes, subject to reasonable legal limitation periods, statutory or regulatory retention requirements and legitimate business requirements.

Principle 6 – Accuracy

DHPro will use reasonable efforts to maintain your personal information in as accurate, complete and up-to-date form as is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used, in compliance with applicable legislation.

Principle 7 – Safeguarding Member and Subscriber Information

DHPro places security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal information in order to protect member and subscriber personal information from unauthorized access, improper use and accidental destruction or loss.

Principle 8 – Openness

DHPro publishes its privacy policy on the bottom navigation of the website. Requests for additional information regarding DHPro policies and practices that apply to the management of your personal information may be made to the Chief Privacy Officer.

Principle 9 – Access to Personal Information

Members and subscribers may request a copy of their personal information held by DHPro by making a request to the Chief Privacy Officer. Upon acceptable proof of identification, individuals may verify the accuracy and completeness of their personal information, and may request that it be amended, if appropriate, as provided by applicable legislation.

Principle 10 – Member and Subscriber Privacy Complaints and Suggestions

Please contact DHPro’s Chief Privacy Officer with any questions or inquiries with respect to the privacy principles outlined above or about DHPro’s privacy practices.