Frequently Asked Questions

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What member benefits are available?

An unbelievable unbeatable value!

  •  Access to free live webinars on interesting topics to the dental hygiene community,
  •  Webinars available for replay when it suits your schedule,
  • Coverage for Canadian dental hygienist professional liability insurance for dental hygienists in Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador.
How long has the company been in business?

DHPro is entering its 9th year of serving dental hygienists. The people behind DHPro bring close to 20 years of experience serving the needs of Canadian dental hygienists.

What is DHPro's purpose?

DHPro exists to provide dental hygienists online continuing education and professional development experiences from the comfort of their home or office.

Canadian dental hygienists also have the opportunity to purchase affordable professional liability insurance through DHPro’s group purchasing power. The regulatory colleges of ON, MB, NB, and NL have reviewed and confirmed that our policies meets their professional liability insurance requirements.

What’s the total cost of a membership including insurance?

To see our pricing please click here.

How can you afford to be more cost effective than the alternatives?

DHPro using the knowledge, experience, and relationships of its founders, focuses on seeking out the most cost efficient products for dental hygienists while not sacrificing quality. Our staff component is small and our dedication is large. We are not an institution draped in red tape.

What are the payment methods?

Payments are made by credit card through PayPal – you can choose to pay with your credit card or your PayPal account. In exceptional circumstances cheques or money orders can be accepted – please contact us for details.

Can I use my receipt for Income tax purposes?

DHPro cannot give tax advice. A receipt from your purchase will be emailed to you immediately after your payment is accepted but it will be up to your tax advisor to indicate if it meets income tax requirements in your province.

How are the receipts issued?

You will be emailed a receipt from DHPro immediately after your payment has been accepted. The receipt will show Lairimar Corporation as the company to whom you paid. Lairimar is DHPro’s parent company.

Why does Lairimar Corporation show on my credit card statement and receipt?

Lairimar Corporation is the parent company of DHPro.

Do I have to be a member with any additional organizations in other provinces?

You do not have to be a member of any other organizations to be a member of DHPro. You do have to be registered with the regulatory body of your province. Member insurance is recognized by the regulatory bodies in the provinces of MB, ON, NB, and NL.

Are there different prices for different provinces?

Membership fees are the same regardless of province.

What is your contact information?

Please contact through or complete the contact us form. In an interest to keep our costs low we have discontinued our 800# as it was only used 4 months of the year. If you would like to have a call returned please send us your phone number and we will return your call.

What is Professional Liability insurance?

Professional Liability Insurance protects you against covered claims arising from real or alleged errors or omissions, including negligence, in the course of your professional duties. This insurance covers not only any settlement costs against you but also the legal defense costs which occur regardless of whether you are found guilty or innocent.

What is the DHPro policy coverage?

This insurance plan is specifically designed to offer the highest level of protection for Canadian dental hygienists. Here are just a few of the many valuable benefits you receive when you sign up:

Our Pro Gold members receive $5 million in coverage with $1 million per occurrence

Quality protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With zero deductible cost to you!

Run-off coverage or what is sometimes called tail coverage for a minimum of two years.

A $16,000 sexual abuse and counselling endorsement.

All policies covers investigative and defence costs regardless of actual fault for $100,000 per claim and a total of $150,000 per year aggregate.

The policy travels with you, no matter where you work within Canada however; provincial regulations may require you to have specific association memberships.


Is this insurance recognized as meeting the requirements of my regulatory body?

The liability insurance offered through DHPro has been reviewed by the Regulatory Organizations in Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador and have been confirmed as meeting their requirements. The coverage does meet the policy requirements of other Canadian Provinces however other factors such as mandatory membership in other organizations may affect your coverage decisions.

How are the insurance confirmations sent to the regulatory body?

Sending the appropriate insurance confirmation to your regulatory authority is your professional responsibility. You will receive your insurance certificate via email and you can use this to confirm your coverage. We also do email a list of members to the regulatory bodies during the second week of January as a courtesy.

How long would I be insured for?

The insurance year as well as the membership year runs from January 1 to December 31 of each year. Should you require coverage to start during the year we offer pro-rated pricing. Please contact us for a quote.

Can I start my insurance year on a date other than Jan 1st?

You can purchase insurance at any point in the year and that policy will continue until midnight December 31 of that next year. All policies must be renewed for January 1 for coverage to be in place. Having only one policy renewal date keeps administration expenses down and premiums low.

Can I get a receipt and certificate of insurance?

When an individual enrolls or renews, an insurance certificate is emailed out within a week (to maintain a green approach to all that DHPro does, email is used over regular mail). Your receipt is our official receipt sent at the time of registration.

I am just now starting to practice - do you have a prorated membership and insurance fee?

Yes, membership and insurance fees cannot be prorated. Please contact us for a quote through our contact form or email

What does coverage for defence costs in disciplinary hearings mean?

You may be called to respond to a disciplinary investigative order or proceeding commenced by a professional organization or corporation which regulates dental hygienists (as defined by federal, provincial or territorial legislation). In the event of this occurring there may be significant costs including consulting with professionals in preparing your defence. The regulatory body will expect that you are the one they are dealing with and not an insurance company.  Therefore, you will be responsible to prepare for and execute your own defence. There is no deductible for this coverage.

What does Criminal Defence Costs mean?

Criminal Defence Costs are the reasonable costs, charges and fees it would take to defend you against criminal allegations. These costs can include (but are not limited to) legal fees and expert’s fees. In the event that you are charged as a result of an action taken in your professional capacity and then successful in your defence the insurance company will repay you for your defence costs up to $100,000 per incident or $150,000 per year. Being successful in this case means that you are either found not guilty or that all charges are dropped.

Doesn’t my employer provide me with Professional Liability coverage?

While some employers (not all) will provide some professional liability coverage, chances are that coverage may have some serious gaps, including:

  •  Policy limits may not be high enough to protect you and all of your co-workers.
  •  You may not be provided with coverage for lost wage reimbursement, licensing board hearing reimbursement, and defense costs.
  •  You may not be covered outside of the workplace, such as when you engage in volunteer or part-time work as a Dental Hygienist.
  •  You may not be covered for suits filed after you have terminated your employment.
What would owning a personal Professional Liability Insurance Plan give me?

In the event of a lawsuit, your own Professional Liability Insurance policy would:

  • Provide you with your own attorney
  • Pay all reasonable legal and other costs incurred in the defense or investigation of a covered claim
  • Pay you up to $150 per day for lost wages
  • Provide reimbursement if licensing board issues were involved
  • Provide coverage for damages and claims expenses resulting from a claim against your spouse or Domestic Partner (due to your professional actions) including action against marital property.
Why should I consider an individual Professional Liability Insurance Plan included in the DHPro membership?

All the plans offered by DHPro have been tailored specifically for the Dental Hygienist profession to meet your unique needs.

The Plan is underwritten by the Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company. Trisura is a Canadian owned and operated company with made in Canada solutions, exceptional service, and expertise from experienced, disciplined underwriters — in combination, these attributes provide Trisura with an innovative edge in the Canadian marketplace. Trisura is also backed by Brookfield Asset Management Inc. who has over $1 Billion in global assets under management.

I understand insurance is included in DHPro memberships. How do I become a DHPro member?

Your DHPro Pro Gold membership includes insurance. Please see the pricing page for further information.

We collect the necessary information when you complete your membership form.

Why should I buy a DHPro membership if I am already covered by insurance in the dental office where I work?

If you are already covered by the dentist or dental office where you work, here are some of the more prominent points you should consider:

  • Have you seen your policy?
  • Are its limits separate for each dental professional, and not shared among all employees?
  • Do you work for more than one dentist, or at more than one location? Are you covered at each of your places of employment?
  • If a claim arose regarding your performance while on the job, but you’ve since left the dental office in question, are you still covered?
  • If a claim arose regarding your performance while on the job, but the dental office in question has since closed, are you still covered?

With insurance coverage in DHPro’s membership, the answer to all these questions is “Yes!” When you own your policy, you control your policy, your claims, and the impact on your career.

The DHPro member’s policy is yours, not your employer’s.

If I cancel my policy at a future date, will I still be covered for events that happened while the policy was in force?

If you are still working as a dental hygienist, then you are not covered for claims that are discovered after your policy was cancelled regardless of when they happened.  If you have retired or moved to another country and surrendered your license in Canada, then you would continue to be covered for your past events even after the policy has been cancelled. Similarly, if you are unable to work as a dental hygienist due to sickness or injury then you would still be covered for past events.

If I receive a claim for something that happened when I worked at a prior employer but I just found out about it now, am I covered?

Yes, you are covered for any claims that you first become aware of while your policy is in force regardless of when they occurred.

Does the DHPro policy cover me if I practice outside of the geographical boundaries of Canada?

Does the DHPro policy cover me if I practice outside of the geographical boundaries of Canada?