DHPro was Launched in 2010, and was designed specifically to reflect what dental hygienist wanted from a membership site. DHPro is a division of the Canadian Corporation Lairimar and uses Trisura another Canadian company as our insurer.

For the last nine years, we’ve been serving dental hygienists across the country, listening to your wants and needs and seeing what we can do to make your profession a little easier.

What we heard time and time again was that when it came to finding a professional membership site and securing your public liability insurance policy, there weren’t that many options open to you.  As a result you may have been renewing your membership and policy and paying fees for services you weren’t even sure you needed or wanted.

We wanted to give you another option.

So we founded DHPro.ca to not only give you more choice, but to give you what we’ve heard dental hygienists actually want. Our experience and the industry relationships that we’ve built up over the years mean that we can provide you with a more affordable option.

There’ll be no additional payments for courses, webinars or information, once you’ve signed up everything that we introduce is included in the cost of your annual membership. We’re constantly adding more information, more resources and more value.

We launched DHPro.ca because we’re passionate about helping dental hygienists. Many of our members have been with us since our beginning. If you are new to us, we look forward to getting to know you and seeing how we can help you!

We look forward to serving you.

On behalf of the entire DHPro team,

Ron and Sue Shafer